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AOR families,


AOR is hosting the Majors 11/12 all-stars tourney this year.  Saturday we start what we hope is another exciting run up to the Regional Tournament in San Bernardino like the AOR team from two years ago. 


The league is off to a banner year with the Junior SB Girls already winning state in Ketchikan earlier this week and in Arizona for Regionals, the Majors SB girls won district and leave for Juneau later this week for State, and the BB 9/10 and 10/11 each play for their respective team titles in the next two days.  



We need your help.  Part of the Tournament duties involves the critical tasks of scorekeeping,  announcing, and running the snack shack. 


Please see the link

on Facebook to sign up.  We have a lot of unfilled slots for this weekend.    



Hope to see you at the fields.  



The AOR Board