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2017 Alaska Airlines Ticket Raffle

The AOR Board of Directors had its August meeting today.  The primary purposes of the meeting was to select the raffle winners for the 2017 summer season.  Coaches and parents were asked to start turning in tickets at the end of June's regular season and we had nearly all of the tickets in at that time.  We had a few hold overs who sold tickets through District all stars and into State.  

We had the teenage player of one of our board members take a break from hitting balls on Edwards Field to come draw the winning tickets. The results follow.  Thank you so much for your effort again this year.

In order to try and keep registration costs down, the raffles are a way to help pay for some of the necessary fees of running the league.  Thank you for your support.  

Grand Prize Winner - Two Round Trips on Alaska Airlines -- Jessie Monkelien.  

$100 Gift Card - Dick's Sporting Goods - Curtis Johnson

$50 Gift Card - Dick's Sporting Goods - Jim Mayes

Choice - Box of Baseballs or Softballs - Jose Graterol

Six Winners for a choice of an AOR Logo Water Bottle or a Coffee Mug - Mike Jolin; Page Spencer; Tali Birch; Kim Lowe; Judy Zuspan; Debi Wallstom



2017 All Star Teams

The 2017 All Star teams are in the process of being selected, and players informed. While evaluations are still ongoing, teams have been selected for the following divisions. You can see team rosters by clicking through the link below:


Juniors Baseball 

Majors Baseball 

10/11 Baseball

9/10 Baseball A

9/10 Baseball B


Congratulations and good luck to our successful candidates! You will be hearing more from coaches soon about practice times, remaining registration details, uniforms, and other team coordination. For those teams not yet selected, stay tuned.

Our tryout this year was larger than ever, and shows how strong Abbott-O-Rabbit Little League has become.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and parents that give their time and effort to making AOR a success, and we look forward to seeing you all through these last few weeks of regular season and into a successful All Star season!

The Abbott-O-Rabbit Merchandise Store is OPEN!

The AOR Merchandise store is open, and a wide array of kids, ladies, and menswear is available to show your support for AOR!

10% of ALL orders will be donated back to the Abbott-O-Rabbit Little League.


The 2017 AOR Little League Season us around the corner! We're a volunteer-run organization, and to make the experience the best it can be for all the kids involved, it takes a village of committed adults. We always need more coaches, team parents, snack shack operators, adult and youth umpires, field maintenance assistance, and a wealth of other roles!

If you're interested, please complete the 2017 new or returning volunteer application, posted here, and submit it to AOR with attention to Dan Izykowski, AOR Safety Officer.

  1. Click the link below and fill in form (SSN is mandatory - AOR will not disclose it except to do the background check).
  2. Print it out (you may want to print an extra copy to keep).
  3. Sign it.
  4. Make sure you include a photocopy of your picture ID and return it by:
    • ​​​​​​​Delivering it to AOR Office, or
    • Mailing it to: AORLL c/o Dan Izykowski, PO Box 110153, Anchorage, AK 99511-0153, or
    • Scanning and emailing it to Dan Izykowski at  or
    • Hand delivering it to Dan.

Please note.  We have found a few typos in the schedules on some of the dates of play.  Use the days of play if you notice an error.  for example, Minors BB play Tuesday and Thursday.  Always.  If a date is a Friday, it is incorrect and you play Thursday like it says.  Sorry for any confusion.  

School Enrollment Boundary Form

If you live outside AOR Boundaries but attend school inside the AOR area please use the above form to provide documentation required by Little League.  We strongly suggest you get this paperwork filled out prior to the end of the school year.